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    Classy is another name for this smart watch. This Sports tracking smart Watch is specially design for the sport person and adventure lovers. When you wear it, while doing exercise, it collects all data and analyse on your mobile phone which helps you to know about your health. Work as stop watch for Training like walking, running, cycling, badminton, basketball, football, swimming etc. This watch monitors your heart rate and your foot step counts. You can enjoy the music with its Bluetooth functioning. Check your call logs and recording system feature.

    More Details:   

    • Incoming call reminder
    • Silent clock reminder
    • Message Reminder for (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Skype, Kakao Talk, Wechat, QQ etc.)
    • Sedentary reminder
    • Temperature monitoring
    • Stop watch for Training (walking, running, cycling, badminton, basketball, football, swimming
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