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    Deetansa is a renowned supplier, and exporter of Ferrous & Non-ferrous Scrap in Singapore. The scraps exported by us are highly valuable because these can be recycled and used in a wide variety of areas including in manufacturing and construction, electronics and home appliances, agriculture and much more.

    Deetansa also import, export and supply stainless steel scrap, waste paper, Industrial minerals, and materials worldwide. If you want more information about ferrous & non-ferrous metal scraps export and import, you can contact us bu giving a call at +65 96610166 or you can connect us through deetansa@singnet.com.sg. 

    For more details:

    Call Us: +65 96610166

    Email Us: deetansa@singnet.com.sg

    Visit Us: http://deetansa.com/ 

    Address: 3 Shenton Way, #22-02 Shenton House, Singapore – 068805

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