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    2020-09-16 02:19:41
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    We are engaged in manufacturing, distributing, trading and supplying excellent quality Coin Operated Water Vending Machine in India. We have wide range of machines with bubble top model, Inbuilt Ro, With or without Cooler system with different water storage capacity vending machines that cater to the different needs of the clients. These machines are fabricated with superior food Grade stainless steel corrosion resistance and protected against dust, bacterial particles and germs to avoid health hazards. Features of Coin operated Water Vending Machine Manufacturers.

    Under the strong composition of high-tech machines and skilled workforce, The Technomond Steel Industries has been established as an eminent company serving the customers with a vast assortment of excellent quality offerings including Water Vending Machine Price and many more. We are a manufacturer, wholesaler and trader of these items. We hold vast expertise in completing the bulk orders from our clients efficiently by developing a well-linked distribution network in our company Water Vending Machine. Further, we follow strict quality control techniques to ensure consistent quality of our offerings. By satisfying the varied requirements of our customers, we are etching a mark in the global market.

    Name: Ravi Kumar

    Mobile No.: +91-9899016380, +91-9999457662

    Website: http://www.technomond.in

    Email ID: technomondsteel@gmail.com

    Price is Negotiable.

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